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Goomax Energy celebrated 2015 Mid-Autumn Festival!

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  On Sept 25th, Xiamen Goomax Energy held a party to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The colleagues from Xiamen Goomax and Headquarters gathered together for this beautiful holiday toast! 

  Goomax 2015 Mid-Autumn Festival “Moon cake activities”, divided into two parts, the first part of the “Moon-cake gambling”, the second part gourmet meal. The Moon-cake gambling game has six ranks of awards, which are named as the winners in ancient imperial examinations, and has 63 different prizes.

  From the lowest to the highest, the titles of six ranks are Xiucai (the one who passed the examination at the county level), Juren (a successful candidate at the provincial level), Jinshi (a successful candidate in the highest imperial examination), Tanhua, Bangyan and Zhuangyuan (respectively the number three to number one winners in the imperial examination at the presence of the emperor). Moon-cake gambling prizes had towels, quilts, wine, cookers, induction cooker, and a lucky money red envelope of cash, so that the presence of happiness in the employees was endless. Well, let's look a little bit, who will be the champion tonight? 

  the general manager of  Goomax Energy , opened the speech and kicked off the activities. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the “Moon-cake gambling”. “Moon-cake gambling start!" Campaign and the atmosphere warm, continuous sound and passion, dice surging, applause, cheers, the atmosphere to a climax, everyone gearing up to try, six bright dice repeatedly in “Moon-cake gambling” jumping joy, screams come and go, bustling. 

  In the fierce competition, each table champion announced one by one. King of Kings eventually won the grand prize of an ipad! Everyone has earned many Prizes also. Everyone felt very satisfied with 2015 Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. 





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