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Sometimes take a break from work and never lose the passion. Next then let’s make the greatest efforts to the better performance.

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First half of this year, domestic solar energy grabs the 630 and climaxes appear repeatedly. Foreign markets wane and wax, it’s dazzling. All the employees from GOOMAX Energy are in high spirits and calm to face the markets’ change and have done a good job, especially the NAN’AN poverty alleviation project. The project team never slack off after grid connection on June 30th and keep ending and tracking the project. In the evening of July.28th, all the staff from GOOMAX gathered in the Grand Honor Hotel Xiamen to hold the 2017 mid-year conference meeting and NAN’AN poverty alleviation project ceremony. The president of GOOMAX Mr. CHEN DONG SHENG General Manager Mr. HUANG, Vice General Manager Mr. Zhang, Marketing Director Ms. Wang, all the GOOMAX staff and the representatives of the cooperated partners etc. over hundreds of people attended this meeting.    



The Marketing Direct Ms. Wang Xiaoyan introduced the impressive achievement of GOOMAX for the half year even under the pressure of the foreign government regulating and market descending. She came out with these solutions like strengthening the product development, being active and aggressive to meet with the local government request, continuing to promote the strong market response ability and seek the chance to make a further success.






Soon afterwards, the General Manager Mr. Huang Hong Wei Wen made the report according to the overall situation and team construction of GOOMAX for the half year, and planned the developing goal for the second half year. He stressed that:”the GOOMAX Energy Technology should not only put the concentration on the oversea markets development but also domestic markets. After grid connection on June 30th, the Goomax Solar would enter into the synchronous development of the poverty alleviation, industry & commerce and household project. And he also pointed out that solar industry is related to people's livelihood, credit first, highly service industry. In the face of the markets different competitors, the GOOMAX Solar will take a great effort to set an example for the local manufacturers, put the credit and service at the first place to make sure the higher efficiency of every solar power system made by GOOMAX, dedicating to build a gold-lettered brand in the Solar industry for GOOMAX.



The president of the Group Mr. Chen Dong Sheng expressed his affirmation to all the GOOMAX stuff with a humorous opening and shared his opinion with everyone about the developing direction for the GOOMAX energy IPO preparation and solar industry. He said:”right now Solar Energy is in the eye of the storm of transition, the 630 was growing vigorously, and 1230 will follow up ,which are the illusions of prosperity before solar industry transition, and we cannot let down our guard. The Chinese solar energy is not the vigorous or unexpected industry but at the transformation crossing. GOOMAX will reform and adjust initiatively to respond to the new energy development actively. It’s just a beginning, GOOMAX will have a broad space for development.” President Chen’s speech mentioned the company’s ambitious plans and development space, he encouraged everyone to keep going, work together , to fight for a better achievement.



The NAN’AN photovoltaic property alleviation is the government’s important project for people’s benefit. Time is tight ,the project is hard as for the un-know issues. The GOOMAX solar property alleviation project team, under the leadership of the vice general manager of GOOMAX Solar Mr. ZHANG and Vice general manager of Goomax Metal Mr. HUANG, got over the difficulties and finished the task excellently.  At the dinner, everyone to took photos with the project team members to express their honor. During the delightful dinner time, everyone communicated with each other and inspired mutually to forecast the better future of the GOOMAX energy.




Sometimes take a break from work and never lose the passion. Next then let’s make the greatest efforts to the better performance.







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