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Xiamen Goomax Solar and the Bank of Agriculture and Commerce, Nan’an branch Jointly built “the Pilot for the Development of Financial Poverty Alleviation”, in order to get residents on the "Bright Road"

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Preface: photovoltaic power generation is clean and environment-friendly, and the benefits are stable as well. It is in line with the country's strategy of precise poverty alleviation, which is beneficial to the steady income of the residents.


On the morning of September 22, sponsored by the Bank of Agriculture and Commerce, Nan’an branch and co-sponsored by Xiamen Goomax Solar Technology co., LTD, the PV Loan Project for the “Pilot of the Development of Financial Poverty Alleviation WANFUTONG in Meishan” was officially signed up to kick-off, the signing ceremony was held in the meeting room on the 4th floor of Meshan township government house. Xiamen Goomax Solar Technology co., LTD, as the strategic partner of this project, participated in the on-site signing ceremony.



Mr. jinyi Huang, the vice general manager of Goomax Solar, signed a cooperation agreement with the representative of the Bank of Agriculture and Commerce in Nan’an.


The financial poverty alleviation development pilot is sponsored by the government of Nan’an city, and Goomax Solar and the Bank of Agriculture and Commerce, Nan’an branch undertake the financial loan project. The good sunshine in Nan’an City is the condition of the development pilot, the project takes the efficiency from public space, which is accord with national strategy of clean and low carbon energy development, it can also use the market operation mode reasonably to promote the stability and increment of resident income, and to achieve win-win situation as "energy saving, income creating".



The successful completion of the development pilot is a great news for household

customers of Goomax Solar. This has solved the existing funding problems for photovoltaic power projects in the home, further accelerated the production and construction, and made the photovoltaic power generation project to popularize the life of the people. From now on, people are no longer worried about lack of funds, and can take advantage of solar energy to generate income.




After several months of negotiation and discussion, Goomax Solar finally decided to jointly implement the financial loan strategy of photovoltaic power project with the Bank of Agriculture and Commerce in Nan’an. The implementation of the project not only solves the residents’ funding problems in photovoltaic power generation, the unified loan application, examination and approval process, granting of loans also make photovoltaic power generation really become simple and convenient. As a local brand, Goomax Solar pays special attention to the things for people, strives to become the largest solar EPC general contractor in China, and does their best both in engineering and construction. And now, the support of the local Bank has made the "one-stop service" extremely effective, and the company's unique financial services truly reassure the people and save worries.



The purpose of this activity is to build a cooperative relationship between bank and enterprise, support the development of the photovoltaic industry, uphold the principle of green and new energy reuse, carry out national policies, perform real deeds and seek benefits for people.






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