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【Celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival】The Goomax Mid-Autumn Moon-cake “Gambling” dinner party was successfully held

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Celebration of the Mid-Autumn FestivalThe Goomax Mid-Autumn Moon-cake “Gambling” dinner party was successfully held




Moon-cake Gambling("Bo Bing" in Chinese), which originated in Xiamen, is a unique Mid-Autumn festival tradition in the southern Fujian for hundreds of years. It is a special culture of mooncakes and a kind of inheritance of history. The founder of this game was Zheng Chenggong, a native of Nan’an Quanzhou. At that time, Zheng chenggong asked his subordinates to invent the game in order to inspire soldiers.




On September 30, 2017, Xiamen Goomax Energy and Goomax Solar held a grand Mid-Autumn “Moon-cake Gambling” dinner party together at the Langham Place Xiamen. The companies have prepared a variety of prizes to encourage employees’ hardwork.



The employees were rubbing their hands and ready to start the game. At the general manager's toast, the Moon-cake Gambling was officially started. The dices fell in the big porcelain bowl, making a jingling noise, and the employees of each table could not wait to get up and began gambling, the atmosphere was very cheerful.



With the sound of the dices, with the cheers, each table had its lucky "Zhuangyuan" (the winner of game).  And the Zhuangyuan from each table went up to the stage to gamble the "Wang Zhong Wang" ( the final winner).


At the end of the game, people began to enjoy the dinner. The rich dinner and  the interesting Moon-cake Gambling brought a passionate, joyful Mid-Autumn festival party to Goomax people. The dinner party makes the whole staff feel the warmth of the collective. Meanwhile, it also strengthens the bright future of the companies and inject s more passion into the development of Goomax companies.

In the laughter of everyone, the Mid-Autumn “Moon-cake Gambling” dinner party drew a full stop. Let’s toast the Goomax companies! Looking forward to the next Mid-Autumn Festival, and all friends will come and celebrate together again.







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