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If you don't come, the good opportunity will be taken away - Goomax Investment promotion continues

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Foreword: in the new round of renewable energy technology innovation boom, the photovoltaic industry has become the highest point in the post-crisis era in China, because it has broad market prospect, huge technological progress space and extensive economic penetration.

21-23 October 2017 the 6th Haixi (Xiamen) International New Energy Industry Expo & Forum and the 2nd Haixi (Xiamen) International Green energy-saving Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Expo were ceremoniously opened in Xiamen International Convention & Exhibition Center. The exhibition theme is "Expo green energy, sharing industry business opportunities", which brings together many new energy enterprises from all over the country.Xiamen Goomax Solar Technology Co., Ltd. asthe invitee of this event, the professional exhibition booth and team have made the whole pavilion lively and colorful, causing a sensation.

【Highlight 】advantages of Goomax:

At this exhibition Goomax exhibited aluminum alloy solar mounting system with independent intellectual property rights, components needed for photovoltaic power station, inverters and other materials. Every visitor can see the advanced technology and high quality of Goomax products.

We use the most exquisite technology, advanced equipment, professional team and the first-class service for each customer, to provide the art-like photovoltaic power station, as Goomax adheres to the " spirit of craftsman", we will make photovoltaic power generation projects more than 25-year servicelife.

Independent research and development of the intelligent Ops system makes the power plant maintenance easier and simpler. We combine the Internet with big data analysis technology, every investor can monitor the power station in real time.

Goomax introduces flexible financial and insurance supporting services, so that you no longer worry about the shortage of funds and the loss of property caused by man-made disasters.

【Investment promotion】 Goomax is looking for domestic partners:


Now Goomax welcome the Household type franchisees to join us:

We will set up regional service providers in districts and counties, and vigorously develop regional service providers starting with the towns. We will continue to implement the national policy on energy conservation and environmental protection, and help residents to generate income while reducing environmental pollution and increasing social responsibility, so as to get new development of your business and a new turn of life.

【On exhibition】 the atmosphere was quite active:


On the opening day of the exhibition, the booth was crowded with visitors. The high quality products from at Goomax booth were watched by the crowd. The crowd applauded when the staff showed off the intelligent Ops system, visitors gathered to watch the black technology we brought with us.

Our professional commerial team patiently explained how the operation system can play real-time monitoring in photovoltaic power station, demonstrated the remote maintenance of the power station, the omni-directional monitoring, the big data collection and analysis and other functions, let consumers really experience how high-tech and Internet + change our life, and how they improve the complicatedmaintenance of traditional power plants and make maintenance of power stations more convenient and faster.

spokesman of Goomax Fatty

【Good News】Goomax won the awardissued by the organizing committee:

The company's creative booth design, professional services are well received by the industry and the general public, and won the award of "New Energy, Energy Conservation and Environmental Innovation Products" issued by the organizing committee.

At the same time, the excellent commercial team is also visited by Tencent and other media. The photovoltaic power station is the new direction of green energy development. It helps residents generate income, meanwhile, it can also save energy and reduce emissions, beautify the environment, reduce the smog, and leave the future generations a new blue sky.







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