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[Enterprise Culture] In November of golden autumn, we celebrated the employees’ birthday together

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In order to carry forward the enterprise culture, let every employee feel the warmth of the collective and enhance the cohesion of the company, GOOMAX held a birthday party for the November born employeeson the 22th of Nov 2017. The company had prepared delicious food and joyful party, the birthday staff and all colleagues gathered together to celebrate their birthday.



"In the mild climate season, the golden autumn, we have the birthday party in November, first of all, please allow me to expressthe gratitude on behalf of the company, and give best wishes to our November born staff”, the party started in the administrative director’s host. The lights went dark and bright, in the happy birthday song, the birthday cake filled with candles was in front of everyone. The birthday people made their wishes in the cluster of colleagues, hoping that the company will be more and more successful, the further it will go.



It’s a small action, but this small action conveys the care of employees from the leadership, the company hopes to actively mobilize every employee to be dedicated and enthusiastic, so that everyone will work hard as the protagonist and grow with the company.




We believe that through the concerted efforts of all GOOMAX people, we will build a harmonious and friendly team, and build a GOOMAX home filled with warmth and love. Finally, wish all the November born people a happy birthday and always be young! Wish you happy life, smooth work in the future years! For our common cause, we work together to compose the most magnificent chapter of our life!






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